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TMT investors

Connectivity is now a utility - If not a human right

Technology, media and telecommunications (TMT) companies are central to our lives and the way we live them now. Screens, phones, tablets and the tasks, content and coordination we use them for have become close to ubiquitous.

Your news, your friends, your shopping, your job-hunting resources, your work, and your credit card statements. From the mundane to ensuring accountability for human rights violations - It's all there. 


It’s become almost impossible to live without internet access. Connectivity is now a primary utility – if not a human right. 


TMT is a growth engine

Fundamental to productivity increases

The fast-moving (TMT) sector meets our investment criteria not just because of that utility but because it is fundamental to productivity increases. TMT creates millions of jobs in itself and is an engine of growth creating jobs, efficiency and new opportunities far outside what we traditionally think of as the TMT sector.  

The telecoms sector has a unique history, is highly complex and affected by structural changes that create opportunities for private investors like Redstone.  We like the fact that demand side; it is less affected by the consumer cycle and economic uncertainty than many comparables. 

How we invest

Redstone are TMT investors

Our TMT team have a broad mandate seeking opportunities in media, telcos and technology globally.  TMT infrastructure is of particular interest. 

We seek to invest in market-leading companies with sustainable competitive positions and strong growth potential. We can fund growth driven by product investments, market and channel expansion, and strategic M&A. The themes we see repeating themselves in our investments are


  • Consolidation and strategic M&A

  • Increasing demand for data leading to demand for infrastructure 

  • Subscription-based revenue models are compelling

  • Traditional advertising companies with strong cash flow​

  • Mobility creating opportunities for operators and service providers


We seek sale and leaseback, equity, mezzanine, debt and merger opportunities in €50+ transactions in media companies, content producers,  mobile telecoms operators, and telecoms infrastructure such as fibre optics, switchgear, masts, data centres.