How we think. How we live. How we invest. 

Agribusiness | Financial services | Healthcare | Real estate | Sale and leaseback | Sports | TMT | Consumer

How we think

Data led, rigorous thinking

We value data-led, independent thinking, and place intellectual rigour, speed and impact on society high on the agenda.


The personal experiences of our team and founders are at the heart of everything we do. 


How we live

We try to live life deliberately

Living deliberately is about following your passions strategically. We try to help our team do that so they experience greater success in both their careers and their relationships.


We aim to make Redstone a place where people are considerably happier and harbour less regret.


We can all take steps to live more deliberately and design our lives and work in ways that make us feel content.

How we invest

Redstone seeks opportunities to invest in assets and businesses which produce long-term, predictable incomes.


Redstone invests across a broad range of sectors but weights toward real assets. We do that because they are powerful diversifiers, with low or negative correlations to traditional stocks and bonds - and to each other. 


Over the last 25-years, real assets have provided equal or higher returns with much lower volatility than traditional stocks and bonds. Private real assets have delivered a return of 10.45% outperforming both bonds and stocks. 



A focus on real assets

How we invest

Engaged with a range of sectors

We seek investments €30m upward in the Agribusiness, Financial Services, Healthcare, Real Estate, Sale and Leaseback, Sports, TMT, and Consumer sectors.


We are high conviction investors. We work hard to understand the macroeconomic story, competition, growth, and management of the businesses and assets we invest in.


Fundamentally we believe in capitalism as a tool to drive society forward. Harnessing that power to produce positive social change is a part of our mission.