• Mark Alexander

A good man lost

A good man lost to the Panathinaikos family
Pavlos Giannakopoulos

Our condolences go to the family of Pavlos Giannakopoulos, who died last night. He was 88.

Mr Giannakopouls founded the pharmaceutical industry giant VIANEX, and was, for many years President of Panathinaikos basketball team.

Over 25 years at the helm of Panathinaikos, Mr Giannakopoulos created a European powerhouse. He welcomed and nurtured big-name international players, including international superstars such as Željko Rebrača, Dominique Wilkins and Byron Scott and Greek talent including Dimitris Diamantidis, Frankie Avertis. Mr Giannakopoulos led Panathinaikos to six European basketball titles and a run of 13 domestic titles in 14 seasons.

Mr Giannakopoulos' pharmaceutical firm VIANEX, invested heavily in Greece creating thousands of jobs and security for Greek families. His research and development investment will continue to improve the quality of millions of lives for a long time to come.

These public successes are exceeded only by the quiet, good fortune to have raised a family that shares his values. Our thoughts are with his family now.

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