Investors in Sport

How we think. How we live. How we invest. 

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Sport is simple

 Build winning teams

The difference between a customer and a fan is that fans will paint their face, sing, cheer and cry with you. That difference makes a difference. It means that when Redstone takes a position in sports, we have what every other investor in every other business is dying to have - True fans.

It also creates a responsibility. We are custodians of something that matters deeply to those fans, the community, and the social fabric of the cities the teams are based within. 

Sports investment

is complicated

Everything counts

Redstone believes in sports businesses because we understand them. Our founders had first-hand experience at Eurosport, the NBA, F1, Football, America’s Cup and the IOC.


We developed an approach to sports investment which is rigorous, data-led, and practical. This approach has helped sports franchises perform on and off the pitch.

How we invest

Redstone are investors in sports

Redstone seeks investment opportunities in sports with existing management or as part of a buyer group. We can provide equity and debt, and we are flexible concerning investment location and type - teams, stadia, media, enabling developments,  leagues - we can look at them all. 


Usually, our investments are in the range of €50-500 million. Our typical investment horizon is 5-99 years. We have the ability to move quickly. We understand sports investment deeply.  We are high conviction investors, so we get behind our sports businesses in every way we can. That can mean bringing our experiences, network and business planning techniques to bear, or spending time with management to help in more general ways. We like to ensure the success of the teams we support almost as much their supporters do.


We will do what we can beyond money to develop the business further.