Investors in Healthcare

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Healthcare is fundamental

Healthy populations create productive societies.

Healthcare directly benefits the economic growth of countries translating into productivity. And healthy populations make for more productive societies.​


Healthcare investments mitigate the risk of sudden shocks from a disease. In a downturn, Healthcare-related jobs sustain best of any job category, providing stabilisation for the economy. 


Investing in life

Investment in healthcare benefits competitiveness

A vital part of recruiting and retaining skilled individuals and their families and the FDI they bring is investing in medical infrastructure - hospitals, clinics, treatment centres, dentists, and medical professionals.

Thinking of expenditures on health as a “debit” for the broader economy is incorrect. Healthcare is essential to our wellbeing in more ways than the obvious.

How we invest in healthcare

Redstone are investors in healthcare

We assist nations and organisations who seek to invest in healthcare infrastructure in long-term partnerships.


As specialists in healthcare, we invest in and develop primary care centres, care homes, retirement villages, private and public hospitals, special education schools, hospitals, dentistry, high-value, research or treatment facilities, or medical information technology creating brilliant new environments to improve people’s health and wellbeing, for the better.


Redstone healthcare investments are a catalyst for long-term and sustainable growth.