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How we think. How we live. How we invest. 

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Solving problems

Be the engine of growth

Redstone understands the fundamental role that financial services place in society. We have a vision for the industry that seeks to strengthen the bond between the financial services industry and society at large.


We are plotting a course to a point where financial services are seen as a solution. Not the problem.  



Quietly help society grow stronger

Enable growth through healthy financial services

The financial sector helps society by enabling saving and investment, protecting from risks and supporting the creation of new jobs and enterprises. Providing these functions for individuals, families, businesses, governments and institutions in a profitable, stable, sustainable way is our goal.

Investing responsibly in banking, insurance and fund management allows Redstone to find ways to impact life in the communities our businesses serve. The awkward reality is we're not making fast enough progress.


We're not winning yet. But we are making progress.

How we invest

Investors in financial services

We seek opportunities in private banking, insurance and service providers including asset management, forex etc.


We see three broad opportunities in the financial services sector.


There is a valuation dislocation within the sector following the liquidity freeze.  Great businesses are being left unattended by investors as result of the withdrawal of strategic investors in this category.   The disruptive power of technology is upending traditional business models, especially in the services sub-sector. Changes in legislation and regulation are encouraging consolidation at the bottom end of the scale chart of the sector.



We are able to apply what we have learned from prior investments in the sector and recognise opportunities where Redstone is best positioned to win deals and generate returns.