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Team Meeting

Redstone culture

Let's move things forward

We aim to make Redstone a place where people are considerably happier and harbour less regret. We try to help our team and those we work with be in control of their lives, so they experience greater success in both their careers and their relationships.


We aggressively place a healthy, active lifestyle, respect and dignity at the heart of Redstone culture. It's an excellent place to work. And we do good work.



Leadership is over glorified 

Leadership at Redstone isn't always about being the first. We know that it is just as hard to be the first follower of a new idea as it is to be the one who comes up with it. We know that first followers are the people who transform ideas into projects, into profitable businesses or movements that make the world better. 


Leadership at Redstone is about seeing something right, getting behind it and making it happen. Leadership at Redstone is about remembering that it takes two (or all of us) to make something happen.  

Investment & wellbeing 

A dual bottom line - profit and values

We are family firm. We try to put the things we value as families - dignity, community, and well being - at the heart of our investments. 


For us, investment-to-wellbeing means evaluating an investment on a combination of;

  • Economics - Increasing incomes, creating economic stability, and employment.

  • Social investments - In health, education, sport and infrastructure.

  • Social sustainability - Income equality, social cohesion, good governance and environment.


Our investments are a reflection of who we are and what we value.

Proven, experienced with a track record of delivery

Our senior team

When we founded Redstone, we set out to transform sports infrastructure investment.  Today, we have deployed our approach to finance and investment across many sectors in partnership with government, and businesses around the world in ways we hadn’t even dreamed of back then.

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