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Redstone are agribusiness investors 

Food production is a fundamental part of humanity's future.


How do we feed 9 billion people by 2050?  As we pull billions of people out of absolute poverty and create a vast new middle class how do we give them the diet they expect? How do we give them the diet the need?


More pressingly, how do we feed 8.3 billion people nine years from now?

The calorie gap

A Big Mac index

A tasty hamburger has 563 calories. The world will be short 214 trillion calories every year by 2027.  That means that the world will be short 379 billion tasty hamburgers by then. Every year.


That is more Big Macs than McDonald's (other tasty burgers are available) has ever produced. The world is not in a position to fill this gap.



How we invest in Agribusiness

We invest in scale agribusinesses with output buyers 

Redstone seeks partnerships with agribusiness investors or management. We can provide equity and debt, and we are flexible concerning investment location. Usually, our investments are in the range €50-1,000 million. Our typical investment horizon is 5-15 years.


We are high conviction investors. We get behind agribusinesses in every way we can. That can mean bringing our robust data led business planning techniques to bear, activating our network or spending time with management to help in more general ways.


We like to ensure success in our investee companies and will do what we can beyond money to develop their businesses further.